Sunday, October 9, 2011

Margano Debut Recap

First and foremost, my sincere apoligies for not getting Margano's debut recap posted earlier, sorry!  Just hope the old idiom "Better late then never" applies here?

When Margano first walked into the paddock area prior to his first career start, I was very impressed by his calm demeanor and that he was taller then what I had envisioned.  He almost looked sleepy as he walked back and forth in the paddock, quite different then his two older brothers on raceday.  One also needs to remember, Belmont Park is his home, and he his quite familiar with its paddock area.  While darker then his brothers, he sure had their kind eye and very impressive build. 

Going out to the track, his calm demeanor had started to change.  He was completely professional, but one could tell his eyes had become wider and I believe he knew what was about to follow, his first race of his career, a earlier career debut then his three brothers before him.  He was ready.

There had been some talk that maybe Margano had gate issues since he "practiced" going into the gate four times prior to his debut.  On this day, there were no issues at all, he went into the gate perfectly, very professional! 

When the gate opened, Margano broke cleanly and without incident, maybe just a step slow though.  About a hundred yards out, Jose did have to check hard due to a couple of colts in front of him.  Down the backstrech, Jose had the brakes on almost the whole time as Margano raced near the back of the pack, eighth out of ten in the field.  Picture yourself driving your car with the foot on the gas while also having a foot on the brake, this is how Margano was being ridden.  Then Margano was able to run freely for a short time, his stride was nice and fluid, but, once again, Jose needed to apply the brakes going into the far turn.  Midway into the far turn, Margano was now in last place, but only about ten lengths from the leaders.  At the top of the stretch, Margano was FINALLY allowed to run.  With a wall of horses in front of him, he needed to go six wide to get clear sailing.  Once this happened, it was wonderful to see Margano running freely down the stretch.  His ears pinned and his long stride gaining momentum with every step, he looked like he "got it".  He ended up finishing seventh in the field of ten, a field that was a very promising group of two year olds.  Our Entourage won the race, owned by Mr. Mike Repole and trained by Mr. Todd Pletcher, he will be one to watch as he progresses.

After the race, as Margano came back in fine order, I was quite impressed that he didn't seem to be breathing hard at all, while the other colts all seemed very winded.  Despite being checked back for almost the whole race, which drains energy, Margano wasn't phased in the least, quite impressive.  On paper, one sees that he finished seventh and it LOOKS disappointing, I don't see it that way at all.  While finishing seventh, Margano was only five lengths from the winner.  One also needs to remember, this is a learning process, and in this one race, Margano learned so much.  While I usually am not one to come down on a jockey, I will just say, I was not happy with Jose's ride at all, enough said.  While Margano did run greenly at times, his stretch run made me very excited about his future.  He will progress after this, and, look for the next race to be run complete differently, a race that he will be ridden with a chance to actually win the race.

Bottom line, it was a safe and impressive debut for Margano and he will be a force as he learns, race by race!

BTW, Margano had his third work since his debut earlier this morning (October 9th).  He went five furlongs in 1:00.02 on the fast dirt track at Belmont, first of five that worked.  I wouldn't be surprised if he has his second race very soon at Belmont Park.

Video replay of Margano's debut:

Video I shot of the stretch run:

Photos I snapped of the stunning Margano:
























Photos my friend Elaine snapped (thanks Elaine!):








Godspeed Margano...


  1. He is definitely a stunning boy, but Barbaro is still the winner in the looks department, and, of course the talent department. What do you think of Lenny's chances today? Maybe we can see Lenny and Margano win stakes next year, and we can always dream of the breeders cup ;).
    Jiminy Cricket

  2. Thanks soo much Greg. If you don't mind I'd love to put these pictures in my scrapebook. It is so great to see him up close and personal. I'll probably never get to see any of these brothers in person so thank you, thank you.

    He'll be a force to reckon with next time out.

    We all love you Margano!!!

    Lou in TX

  3. Margano worked 5 furlongs on dirt (perhaps he's better on dirt, he only had 1 turf work before his race) in 1:00.02, the fastest of 5! Oh, and when I press post comment on my pc, it just disappears, anyone else have this problem? So, I'm having to use my phone to comment lol.
    Jiminy Cricket

  4. Jiminy Cricket...I had that problem to. Go up to the top of the web page and look in the right hand corner just below the pics. You'll see "sign in" there. Click on that and sign in, then your post will post. Took me awhile to finally figure that out. Very frustrating to post and then have it disappear.

    Good Luck

    Lou in TX

  5. The Magnificent Margano, one of the most beautiful horses I've ever seen (although his brothers are all pretty handsome, too). I love his face and those beautiful sweet eyes (that close-up of him is gorgeous).

    His run, when he was finally allowed to go, was just thrilling. Too bad it didn't happen a little earlier -- I'd really like to see Ramon on him since he worked him 3 or 4 times.

    God Bless Lentenor in his race today and please bring him home safely Jesus Castanon.

  6. Oh, and by the way Greg, this article was worth waiting for. Thank you!


  7. I wanted to copy this article and pictures for my Margano book, but could only get the article -- the photos won't copy for me, for some reason. Darn...Do I need special permission?


  8. @ Daffodil, I've got no problem dragging the photo's right into my album

  9. Daffodil....go to print preview and copy from their. Sometimes that what I have to do.

    Hope that helps.

    Lou in TX

  10. Think I need to preview my posts..LOL there not their and that's no just that.

    These "Senior Moments" are awful!!!

    Lou in TX

  11. He is very beautiful - and I think with some experience and maturity he will be a force to reckon with! He closed so strongly in the stretch on some very well bred colts, many of whom had previous starts!

  12. Margano is running on Saturday!!! Belmont Race 2, 1:32 EST! Right now, field of 8, on the turf at 1 mile. Jockey is David Cohen.

    Whoo Hoo, Via Con Dios Margano!


  13. P.S. That excellent work he had on Sunday was against older horses -- he was the only 2 year old in the group.


  14. Can't wait til Saturday now for multiple reasons!! Margano is racing and its fall break!
    Jiminy Cricket
    Ps I put a more recent picture of jimmy on lennys fb.

  15. Margano shocked us all and nearly wired it to come in 2nd ultimately.

    Here is a KILLER photo of him by Jim Moran.


  16. The photographaer is Jay Moran and NOT Jim Moran. My mistake...


  17. Our beautiful boy is running Saturday and is the morning line favorite in a big field at 3/1. Javier Castellano who is Union Rags regular jockey is riding Margano. Could the stars be aligning for MJ? (My name for him is Magic, which suits him.) Love that boy!

    Marigold/aka Daffodil