Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lentenor Scratched, Will Race Again Very Soon...

Good morning,

Just wanted everyone to know, Lentenor will be scratched from today's race at Laurel Park. 

Lentenor was entered to run in the $75,000 Japan Racing Association Stakes today at Laurel Park, a race originally to be run on the turf at 1 1/16 miles.  Due to all the rain we have received here on the east coast the last few weeks, the race was taken off the turf and placed onto the main dirt track at a distance of one mile.  I believe the dirt main track is still not ideal for Lentenor to run on, and, hence the reason for the upcoming scratch.  The Jackson's have been very patient in Lentenor's return, and, I commend the Delacour's for making this decision not to have Lentenor run today. 

Look for Lentenor to have his next race within the next two weeks at Belmont Park. 

Who knows?  Maybe, just maybe, we will get to see Lentenor and his big little brother Margano race at Belmont Park on the same day?  Not saying that will happen, just saying there is a possibility, stay tuned :)

People have been asking about Nicanor and what is going on with him?  My friend Elaine pointed me to this article in the Pennsylvania Equestrian Newspaper, which has a nice article on the Delacour's and mentions Nicanor and Lentenor. 

A quote regarding Nicanor: "Nicanor has won four times, but in July he was evaluated at New Bolton Center and the recommendation was for three months rest.  If all goes well the 5-year old horse could be racing later in the Fall".

Here is a link to the article (starts on page 14, then continues on page 37):

Finally, my apology, I thought I had posted these photos and videos from Lentenor's third place finish back on August 23rd.  They never posted, they were in a saved draft.  Here they are, I did screw up and had my camera on the wrong setting, that is why they aren't as clear as they normally are, sorry!

Photos and videos from Delaware Park on August 23, 2011:






















  1. Thanks Greg....the pictures are great. Thank you for getting them posted.

    Lou in TX

  2. Greg, thank you for the pictures. They were stunning. Also, thank you for the update on Nicanor and Lentenor. I am happy that he was scratched, after all, it wouldn't be fair to run him in conditions that he doesn't like. I'd rather wait, and see him run on the turf when struggle on the dirt. Thanks again.

    ~American Quail Lover

  3. Thanks for the update, Greg! While I was looking forward to Lentenor's race, I'm glad that they have reconsidered and scratched him from a mud bath type race. I'm sure we'll all be hoping to see him win at Belmont and I'm wishing Nicanor a good recovery in his time off.

  4. Greg, great pictures of the stunning, handsome, macho Lentenor. My pictures came out okay but I like yours better. Can't wait to see him again and also, the ever quirky, Nicanor who has a big part of my heart.

  5. Bonjour Lentenor,

    The video and photos of you are so beautiful.

    A big thank you to Greg for posting them for all to see just how gorgeous you are. I really enjoy seeing you on the video and also love looking at the photos of you. I like to watch the video several times.

    I was happy to hear that you were scratched from racing today since I hear that you don't like mud/dirt. Better to be safe than sorry.

    I am very eager to learn when you will be racing again, and that hopefully it will be posted here on the blog so I can plan to watch you on TVG.

    I am also eager to hear when your baby brother, Margano, will be racing. I still have my dreams that he will be the 2012 Kentucky Derby winner.
    I just have this need to dream about it. Oh well!

    I was worried about Nicanor but now I can stop worrying since he is just taking a rest.
    Something must have been wrong with Nicanor since this was ordered probably by Dr. Richardson from the New Bolton Center.

    We haven't been told as yet why the order was issued. Did he have a respiratory problem? A
    hoof problem? Joint problem? What? I am very curious as it is my nature to be curious.

    Lots of love to you, Nicanor, Margano, the new baby born in May and Mr and Mrs. Jackson.

    Lise from Maine

  6. Hi!

    Who is the white horse?

    He is so cute!

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

  7. Not sure of his name, but he never came out if the gates. Love lennys pix as always, thanks Greg.:)
    Jiminy Cricket

  8. The white horse is named Silver Eagle. Isn't he beautiful!!!! His head got caught in the gate so he never really had a chance. Felt soo sorry for him.

    Greg what has happened to this site. The posts are in the pictures.

    Lou in TX

  9. Lou, lol, when that happens, just refresh the page, sometimes when it loads all the photos, the comments get posted inside the photos.

    Lisa, there was nothing physically wrong with Nicanor, he just needed a mental break :)

  10. FYI, look for Lentenor to have his next race at Belmont Park next week :)

  11. Thanks for the heads-up!!!! I'm sure you will let us know what race, what day and what time.

    Lou in TX

  12. The Jacksons purchased another Dynaformer colt at the Keeneland Auction Monday night for 410K. He is out of the graded stakes placed Mister Baileys(GB) mare America America. The dark bay or brown colt is a full brother to Bluegrass Princess. As much Dynaformer blood as they have in their stable, it appears almost as if they are single handedly keeping that old stud working. You can watch the auction live at 7 pm for the next ten days at The live feed provides live video and pegigree page. Pretty cool.

    Criminal Type

  13. I was hoping that they would get the Dynaformer colt, thank goodness they did.

    ~American Quail Lover

  14. Bonjour Lentenor,

    I am so eager to watch you race next week at Belmont Park on TVG.

    I will make every effort to be home so I can watch you on TVG, and if not, then hopefully there will be a link on this blog.

    Good luck, Lentenor!

    Lise from Maine

  15. Hi Greg,

    Thanks for the update on Nicanor.

    Lise from Maine

  16. Margano posted on his facebook that he will be racing Saturday at Belmont!!! Haven't gotten the email yet, so don't know any details, so excited can't wait!!!
    Jiminy Cricket

  17. On one of Barbaro's numerous facebook pages ;) he said that it would be race 10 on the turf at a 1 1/16 miles, which I believe he has only had one turf work? and his dirt workouuts have been much faster, but oh well, trainer knows best ;). He has slot 7 out of 16 colts(that's a lot of horse flesh!)
    Jiminy Cricket


    if my link works, you can see the entries - including Margano! in the tenth race at Belmont on Saturday. It is for 2YO maiden colts at 1 1/16 miles on the turf.

    Good luck Margano! Run safely and well!

  19. Finally, we get to see what Margano is made of. I am appprehensive with the distance on the grass but, That is where Barbaro started. I will be watching that's for sure. Im so excited because I really think he is the one. I wish he was going at Laurel so I could go watch him run. Belmonts like a 5 hour drive on a good day.

    Interestingly enough, the 12 horse is trained by Michael Matz, his name is Political Courage. This is no group of lightweights. Mike Repole owns Our Entourage and it's a who's who of trainers and bloodlines. Good luck and safe racing to all !

  20. Sorry My mistake, the Matz trainee is the 10

  21. Bonjour Margano!

    I see that you will be racing on Saturday, Sept.
    17th in the last race of the day.

    I will be gone all day Saturday but hope to watch the replay when I get home. I will watch it several times.

    Hopefully, there will be a link on this blog.

    Good luck, Margano, and I will be thinking about you off and on all day Saturday.

    Hope to see lots of photos/videos of you, too.

    Lots of love to you.

    Lise from Maine

  22. Hi!

    The "link" works and I was able to see Margano listed on the schedule to race on Saturday.

    Thanks for the link.

    Lise from Maine

  23. Oh! Margano is racing soon!?!!!
    Take them by storm, Margano!


  24. So excited for Margano to race!! Depending on the day and how much train traveling I am up for, I head to Belmont. If I do I will post pics for everyone! I would love to finally see one of the brothers in person, and get some pictures to do some artwork from. I had a painting of Barbaro in a gallery in Yonkers, but I need to get to work on portraits of the rest of the beautiful family. One goal is to send prints of the family, once I have finished the artworks, to Mr Matz and the Jacksons.


  25. Don't know where else to post this, but for fans of Holy Ground, here is a link to a discussion of Saint Ballado. Sorry it is such a tortured url, but you can probably get to it cleaner by going direct to BH and clicking through the True Nicks links there. diastu in tempe

  26. Greg: Maybe you could add a link/page for "Other Family Members" where we can discuss horses like Holy Ground, Dyna King, etc. ? Like in your spare time? Oh ha ha, dream on Diana!

  27. I am trying to be patient. I hope Lentenor races real soon. And I wonder what is up with Nicanor????