Friday, June 10, 2011

Nicanor and Lentenor Join New Trainer

Nicanor and Lentenor have been transfered to a new trainer, her name is Leigh Delacour, who is based at Fair Hill in Maryland.

So much happens out of the public eye, and, this could benefit all involved (I hope).

The news about Nicanor having a new trainer was actually public knowledge a couple of weeks ago when the nominations for the $250,000 Monmouth Stakes (Grade III) came out, Leigh Delacour was listed as Nicanor's trainer.

Brief bio about Leigh Delacour from her website (

Leigh Delacour (formerly Leigh Offutt) grew up in Maryland horse country, and had an early career in Fox Hunting and Pony racing, which lead to Amateur racing, an education from the University of Virginia and eventually the stable of  Graham Motion.  She began as a rider in Motions operation and rose to a traveling assistant, a career that spanned more than 10 years. While with Motion, Leigh had the opportunity to see many top tracks and make the acquaintance of Arnaud Delacour.

Arnaud Delacour a native of Normandy, France began  his horse education on the farm, his child hood home, with layups and mares.  He pursued a career in racing by riding in England and returning to France as assistant for Royer Alain De Royer Dupre  in Chantilly.  Arnaud wanted to see more of the world and came to America in 1999 as a rider for Christope Clement for a year, still interested in what her could learn, Arnaud  traveled to Argentina to work in racing for a year before returning as assistant for Clement in America. A position he enjoyed for 7 years and met his future wife.

Arnaud and Leigh Delacour were married and began training together in 2007.  Delacour Stable was created.  Delacour Stable campaigns runners out of their base of Fair Hill Training Center in Maryland in the summer. Traveling to tracks across the east coast. Including, but not limited to, Delaware Park, Laurel Park, Philadelphia Park, Presquille Downs, Pen National, Aqueduct, Belmont Park, Woodbine, Saratoga, Colonial Downs, Charles Town, and Mountaineer.  In the winter the team is based at Tampa Bay Downs in sunny Florida.

Leigh Delacour's record this year:

99 Starts, 14 Wins, 12 Seconds, 16 Thirds, Earning's of $284,050.

Career record:

619 Starts, 120 Wins, 82 Seconds, 108 Thirds, Earning's of $2,475,469.

More info on Leigh (from Tampa Bay Downs website):

What can I say?  I wish nothing but the best for all parties involved.  Just extremely sad for everyone that worked with both brothers over the years, they are family to them and this must have broke their hearts.

The Jacksons know what they are doing and if they think this is best for Nicanor and Lentenor, then I trust them completely.  This had to be the hardest decision for them to make, but not a decision that they made overnight.  We need to respect their decision and remember, THEY know what happens behind the scenes and they would not have made this call if they didn't think it would be in the best interest for both brothers.

Take good care of the Brothers Leigh...

Leigh Delacour

Photos I took of Nicanor prior to his race at Belmont Park on May 12, 2011:











This great photo was taken by Elaine Deutsch (thanks Elaine!)




Some photos I have taken of Lentenor the past couple of years:

Godspeed Nicanor and Lentenor...


  1. What about Lentenor?

  2. Nicanor's next nomination is at Colonial Downs at Da Hoss on 06.18.2011.

    I think Lentenor has a few more workouts cut out for him before we see any races for him.

  3. First Margano, now Nicanor, my question too, what about Lentenor? Surprising, is it unusual for a trainer change after so many years?

  4. I'm so happy to hear this - you know how Nic loves the ladies - human ladies that is! I wish him and Leigh and best!!!


  5. I'm shocked, a little sad, and a little hopefull.
    I only hope that Nicky can meet the success I've always felt he was capeable of. Perhaps he needed a change? Someone who can think outside the box?
    Bittersweet. Very bittersweet.
    I can't be happy about it, but I'm not really devestated by it either. I just don't know....
    As I said, bittersweet.


  6. Well, I'm devastated enough for everyone!! Are we going to lose our connection to all of the brothers one by one??? Did the Jacksons have a falling out with Michael Matz?? Sure sounds like it! I feel so bad for Edoardo and all of the behind the scenes personnel at VF. This adjustment may be hard on the horses, as well. God Bless all involved. especially Nic and Lentenor. So, Greg, where is Lentenor going??? I feel just sick about all of this.

  7. And most of all for Michael, Peter, Edoardo, Handyman, everyone who has cared for and loved our boys.

  8. Well, I'm almost getting over Margano going to another trainer, then I read this about Nicanor. How my heart is breaking. How are we going to keep up with these boys now? I think Nic loves the girls, so maybe this is a good thing for him. We know he liked Roseie as his jockey so maybe this new lady, will spark his interest in running like he did with Rosie. I'm sure the Jackson's are doing what they feel is best for Nic. They always put their horses first. At least he's still at Fair Hill so maybe Handyman can still keep an eye on him. My heart bleeds for her because she was soo close to him. Spoiled him with his favorite treats. I just wish him all the best. Will love him always.

    Greg have fun babysitting this weekend. I'm leaving for CA Sat. with my youngest grandson (8) and taking him to Legoland. Hope I get home in time for Nics race but if not surely someone will post it.

    Have a great weekend all u FOB's! Catch ya the week of the 20th.

    Lou in TX

  9. Wow, Im shocked, but really not surprised. I figured if there was going to be a trainer change, they would go over to Tagg with Margano. I am glad Nicanor is staying at Fair Hill. That place is horse heaven.

    I imagine Lentenor will be following shortly if he does not do well in his next start for Matz. Maybe sooner. In my opinion, and its only my opinion, both of these colts could have done better on the track had someone been listening to the horse's. I was thoroughly dissapointed in Nicanor's last ride by Ramon. Everyone knows Nicanor likes to be outside and on the front end, but NO, they hold him back and he fights to have his way and loses every frigging time because he has burned up all his energy fighting the jockey.

    Maybe the Jacksons think the trainer change will be good for Nicanor. Im sure they are looking for a stakes win from him before he is retired. He is 5 now, so he probably only has another year or so left on the track. Maybe Leigh will lighten up on all the headgear too. Nicanor looks like he is being tortured with all that crap on his head. Anyone ever heard the saying, Less is more ? I've certainly found this to be true with my own horse. He's a 3 yr old black Arab colt with plenty of attitude.

    I now this is off topic but is anyone else watching the 2 yr olds by first crop stallions ? Hard Spun had his second debut winner yesterday at Belmont Park where the Rick Dutrow trained Artest blew the field away. Artest is a stunningly bright chestnut colt who blazed the opening 1/4 in 21.77 and came home 6 lengths ahead of his closest rival. Good job Mr Dutrow. John Shireff's has another stunning Hard Spun colt in his barn, this one a steel grey named Spectrus. GORGEOUS ! He has not started yet. With Artest's win, Hard Spun jumped up to 10th from 16th on the first crop sire list.

  10. FYI,

    Just to let everyone know, Lentenor is with his big brother in Leigh Delacours barn at Fair Hill. While I know this news will be shocking to some, I have complete faith and trust the Jacksons decision. Like I mentioned before, my heart goes out to everyone that has worked with the brothers over the years, I just hope they can still visit them since they are still at Fair Hill. One other thing, the Jacksons also transferred all the other horses they had in Mr. Matz's care over to Leigh's barn.

    Finally, Nicanor is nominated for next weekends Da Hoss Stakes at Colonial Downs, fingers crossed he is ready to go.

  11. With the Delacour's now training all the Lael horses and having a lot of turf runners here and overseas maybe just maybe they thoght that the European way of training would be more suited for our guys and gals. Wishing MM and his staff the best and will continue to follow his horses and all the best to the Delacour's who will be now taking care of our guys.

  12. Well. at least two of the brothers are still together. Hopefully Margano can meet Nicanor someday. My heart goes out to the MM barn. I know it was hard for all those close to the brothers. But at least they can visit and keep an eye on them. You know it just occurred to me that maybe Matz is trying to make his barn smaller. Maybe he's thinking about retirement. Surely the Jackson's didn't have a falling out with him as suggested. He seems like such a kind and gentle person.

    Thanks Greg for all the news. Have fun this weekend with the kids.

    Lou in TX

  13. I hope there was no falling out -- that it was an entirely mutual decision and no one is ill and downsizing for that reason. If it were just Nicanor and Lentenor, that would be one thing but all of the Lael horses -- what a windfall for Leigh Delacour!

    Hope that everyone will be all right -- and that the horses thrive under their new trainer. The love goes on...

  14. In regard to Nicanor's head gear:
    I do not think he is being tortured by it.
    From what I see of the outside of the bit, it looks like a loose ring happy mouth or something similar.It is a softer, milder type of bit. It appears to have a very wide mouthpice which would also help it to be a milder bit.
    The noseband is an Australian nose band. It keeps the bit a little higher in the mouth to keep Nicanor from putting his tounge over the bit. The rings on the side of the noseband keep the loose rings from pinching him and help stabalize the bit slightly.
    The mask is supposed to keep his attention focused ahead much like the blinkers on a driving horse's bridle. They do him no harm.
    Nothing about his headgear is harmfull unless it is abused. (Which I doubt)


  15. Wow.
    First, I'm glad you are back posting, Greg. Your absence left this ship rudderless.
    Second, I agree with Dearnhard that a stakes win is important to Nic's breeding future. One of the brothers needs to fill the genetic shoes of big brother. Personally, I think it may be Margano.
    Third, Delacour and Tagg are fresh eyes and hands and minds on these enigma colts. We all know the talent is there, they aren't slouches, but something just isn't clicking. I love MM and wish him very well, but I also look forward to see what the new trainers can encourage out of the Brothers.
    It's never boring.
    diastu in tempe

  16. Mind-blowing...

  17. Disapointed, but sadly they haven't lived up to their expectations. Not suprising since they had some huge shoes to fill. Also to the person who posted about Hard Spun, he actually jumped from 10th to 4th on the Freshman list.

  18. Rachel, That must have happened after I left for the mountains on Friday. Very Cool...I love Hard Spun. He is going to end up being a dominant sire in the years to come as long as he stays healthy and fertile. How can he not, look at that amazing pedigree. It reads like a who's who.

    Arem, I know what the purposes of the bridel etc are. I still think less is more. Those first couple shots above, Nicanor looks anything but happy to have all the leather and chains on his face. No disrespect intended to Michael Matz, but it seems that some people only know how to add stuff, when the real answer might be to take something away. Nicanor has had a lot of equipment changes with no real change in performance.

    No surprise to me at all that the Jacksons moved all their horses. I wouldnt think they would just move Nicanor. This really sucks for everyone involved. Im sure The Delacourts are pretty uneasy about the situation too. I know I would be if their former trainer was at the same stable, albeit in another barn.

  19. Hi!

    This is, indeed, shocking news to learn that Nicanor and Lentenor have been transferred to another barn plus all the other horses owned by
    Mr. and Mrs. Jackson.

    I actually feel bad for Mr. Matz and his team.

    I sincerely hope that it wasn't a "falling out" with Mr. and Mrs. Jackson.

    I can only hope that the change will be helpful. Look what happened to Rachel Alexandra. She went to another trainer, and she
    did marvelously.

    Hopefully Nicanor and Lentenor will now win some stakes races.

    This could be a blessing in disguise, and I have to trust Mr. and Mrs. Jackson in their decision to change trainers.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

  20. Thanks for the update, Greg! Sorry I am so late to finding it, but without knowing all the details to the transfer of the horses, I can only trust that the owners did not take the decision lightly and are trying to do what is the best for their horses. I will be hoping the Lael horses can blossom in a new regimen of training and I'm sure they will still be given wonderful care as all horses deserve. Good luck to Nicanor at Colonial today!!

  21. Margano had a work this morning, 3 furlongs over the Belmont track in 36.74. He was the third fastest at the distance. Good Job Margano ! This colt is going to be the one, I can feel it.

  22. Hooray for Margano!!

  23. A forgotten brother seems to be Holy Ground, who won a stakes race and placed in a couple of other stakes. Holy Ground is a half brother to Barbaro, by Saint Ballado, who has the same grandsire as Dynaformer (Hail To Reason).

    Holy Ground went to stud in Florida, but did not attract much interest as a stallion, even though he is a half to Barbaro, and is by a very good sire in Saint Ballado, sire of Saint Liam, Ashado, Captain Bodgit, etc. Holy Ground has since been sent to Argentina where I understand that he is even attracting less attention as a stallion than he did in Florida.

    I hope that Holy Ground fares OK and it would be nice if he was returned to the United States and had a nice retirement and maybe even make a comeback as a stallion.

    BTW, a 2YO son of Holy Ground named Boltzapper made his first start at Calder on 6/11 in a MSW. Boltzapper finished 2nd and looked impressive in the effort. I hope that Boltzapper does well and ends up winning some stakes races eventually. Being that he is Barbaro's nephew, it should not be impossible.

    Anyway, good luck to Holy Ground and all of Barbaro's brothers. May they all have good racing career's both at the racetrack and at stud, and I hope that they all live long, healthy, happy lives.

  24. I too am fond of Holy Ground and wish he was back in the US. I like his conformation and he did well enough racing. What farm is he at in Argentina and how do we track his stud career outside the US? His sire line is tops and has good support so I think someone didn't market him very well. What happened to the other son from a few months ago that raced and won in California? Wonder if HG could be an eventing sire? Hate to see him way down there - does Lael still own him? diastu in tempe

  25. Holy Ground is at a place called Haras Cumeneyen in Argentina, who also own Holy Ground. At least that is what I have last heard.

    Do you know the name of the son that won in California? One of his sons, Eric The Ram, races in California, but I don't think that he has won a race yet. Eric The Ram's connections keep entering him in MSW races at Hollywood Park and refuse to put him in a claiming race. I don't blame them for that, but maybe they should enter him in a MSW at a different track where the competition is not so intense.

    I would also like to know more about how Holy Ground is doing in Argentina. It is difficult to find out anything about him down there.

    I read someplace that Holy Ground only sired one registered foal in 2010. It would be nice if he had the success that Southern Halo has had in Argentina (leading sire there 8 times).

    I guess that we can only hope for the best for Holy Ground.

  26. BTW, just after I posted last about Holy Ground, I found out that Boltzapper is entered in a MSW at Calder on 6/25/11 (9th race) with a $40,000. purse. Boltzapper changed to a more experienced jockey (he had an apprentice in his first race who only had about 9 races under her belt) and also a new trainer. I guess that they found out that Boltzapper has some talent and are hoping to improve his chances to win. I bet he goes off as the odds on favorite. Hope he wins.

    Eric The Ram has had 11 races so far and the best he has done, I think, is 3rd place (twice I believe). 10 of his races were MSW races at either Hollywood Park or Santa Anita, with the other race being a stakes race in which Eric The Ram didn't fare too well. This does not mean that he is not a good horse. I know that the MSW races at HP and SA are tough; probably tougher to win than stakes races at some tracks.

    A lot of the big outfits get some very good horses to win their maiden races at Santa Anita and Hollywood Park (like Bob Baffert, who always seems to have some good 2YO and 3YO horses. Some of the maiden claimer's are even pretty competitive at those tracks.

    Anyway, I would love to see a oouple of Holy Ground's sons or daughters end up winning some big stakes races. Maybe then someone will try to get Holy Ground back into the United States.

  27. @annonymous: that is exactly the info I wanted, thank you. Eric the Ram is who I was thinking about. With the farm name in ARG, I think we can find out more by contacting them directly. Wonder how much they would ask to sell him? I hope this does not turn into another Dyna King scenario with him fading to obscurity. Poor boy, he needs to come home and be placed where he can get a little support. I dream. diastu in tempe

  28. You are very welcome. It would be wonderful if someone did buy him and bring him back into the United States.

    BTW, Eric The Ram finished 3rd in three races. Maybe most of the best 3 year olds (and up) have won their maiden races by now and Eric The Ram will win a MSW at one of the major California tracks.

  29. I agree, I think Nicanor loves girls and would probably be happiest and do better racing if surrounded by them and no one else...

  30. Lentenor had another workout today

    Lentenor (4-Year-Old Colt)
    Date: June 23, 2011
    Track: FAIR HILL
    Distance: Five Furlongs
    Time: 1.00:40 Breezing
    Track Condition: Fast
    Surface: All Weather Training
    Rank: 1/4

  31. Another good work out of Lentenor!

    Lentenor (4-Year-Old Colt)

    Your comments for this horse were: Extremely talented, gorgeous, 2nd Brother of Barbaro

    Date: June 23, 2011
    Track: FAIR HILL
    Distance: Five Furlongs
    Time: 1.00:40 Breezing
    Track Condition: Fast
    Surface: All Weather Training
    Rank: 1/4 - See the day's workouts

  32. Wait to go, Lentenor. Keep it up, my friend.

  33. Boltzapper did it, and he made it look easy. Today Boltzapper, son of Holy Ground (brother of Barbaro), won a MSW race at Calder by 7 lengths in a hand ride, wiring the field. Boltzapper went off the two to five favorite, and looked like an overlay at that price. The race had a purse of $40.OOO. Boltzapper looks like a real good one. Just hope that he stays healthy.

    I was watching some of Eric The Ram's races and he looks like a pretty good racehorse. The fact that he hasn't won a race yet is misleading. I think that Hollywood Park and Santa Anita are probably the toughest places to win a MSW race, but I believe that he will eventually and go on to win more races. He did beat The Factor in one of the races, and The Factor was considered for the Kentucky Derby.

    diastu: Let me know if you find out anything about Holy Ground.

  34. Boltzapper is named for Usain Bolt and Gostzapper we wish him all the best he is very smart..CB

  35. Anonymous--Thanks for bringing Boltzapper to our (my!) attention! I watched his race and it was quite impressive--he is a precocious little guy! Looks like he has got some attention now and I hope he is taken care of and stays sound. Maybe he'll be a good one for Holy Ground! That would be wonderful and he will be exciting to watch--very impressive race! Here is a link to the replay from Bloodhorse:

    Boltzapper and Eric the Ram went into my virtual stable!!

  36. The link doesn't work--sorry! The Calder race is up on Bloodhorse replays--you'll have to go there to see it unless Greg can get a link on here....

  37. HS: Thanks. Actually, I have already watched the race about half a dozen times, first at the OTB live, and then on the Bloodhorse replays.

    Boltzapper and Eric The Ram are also in my virtual stable. Can't wait to see their next races. Probably be a stakes race for Boltzapper.

    Take care.

  38. Boltzapper was nominated for a stakes race on Saturday (7/2/11), but I think that it was too soon after his last race. Besides, there will be other stakes races for him to enter, so why rush things.

    I think that Boltzapper is a sign that Holy Ground might have been a pretty good sire if he had more and better breeding opportunities in the United States. As it was, Holy Ground got very limited breeding opportunities.

    Holy Ground not only has the same mother (dam) as Barbaro (and Nicanor, Lentenor and Margano), but also has the same great grandsire as Barbaro. Holy Ground and Barbaro are both great grandsons of Hail to Reason, a great sire and a great racehorse back in the day. So, Holy Ground and Barbaro are even more closely related than most half brothers. They are from the same sire line as well as having the same dam.

    I hope that Holy Ground winds up back in the U.S., and if he does, then I hope he gets some good breeding opportunities.

  39. Hey Greg..any more news about Babynor 2?

    While in CA I got to see the Del Mar race track, from a distance. They were having a huge Fair there and you couldn't get to the race track without paying admission to the Fair. It's in a very nice area. Got a few pictures but nothing up close. I don't think they had any racing there while the Fair was going on. But then again, I didn't have a schedule.

    My Grandson had a blast at Legoland and he also loved the San Diego Zoo. We couldn't have ask for better weather. The highest it got was 70. Came home to 102 in TX.

    Hope our boys are doing just great with the new trainer. Greg have you heard anything about either? News seems a little slower than usual now that they have moved to another barn.

    There is an article that Mrs Jackson wrote about Alex Brown in Throughbred Times. Very nice article for Alex and his book.

    Hope to hear some news soon.

    Lou in TX

  40. Lentenor worked out today. Maybe a race coming soon?

    Lou in TX

  41. Hello everyone. I did a little write-up (with chart and video) on Boltzapper several days ago. You can check it out here:

  42. Annonymous #1, 2, 3? Would be nice to know who you are (your moniker from the last blog would be fine). Thrilled about Boltzapper! Holy Ground looks pretty scruffy in a photo from his ARG digs - but maybe it was winter. Now that I have a long weekend off, I will try to get more info on him down there. I'd love to have a son of Saint Ballado covering my mares. (Okay - first I need to have some mares to cover - I dream.)

    ChasingTheDerby: I'll check out your write-up after leaving here.

    Hopefully I can post some updates on Dyna King this weekend - if Mike Relva doesn't beat me to it.

    diastu in tempe

  43. ChasingTheDerby: Nice article about Boltzapper. I think that Boltzapper's Beyer numbers could have been higher, but his jockey (probably wisely) slowed down the pace after the first quarter to make sure that Boltzapper would have plenty of gas left in the tank, and he did (last 1/2 furlong in less than 6 seconds, I think). Boltzapper could have ran a faster race, but he did win by more than 7 lengths.

    Diastu: I tried to change my name here to HG (for Holy Ground), but ran into problems. You can probably tell which anonymous is me by what I write.

    Sorry to hear that Holy Ground looks scruffy. I hope that they are taking good care of him down in Argentina.

    If Boltzapper turns out to be the horse that I think he is, then maybe there will be many people that want to breed their mares to Holy Ground, and maybe someone would buy him and return him to the United States. That would be wonderful.

    As things are now, the best sons of Saint Ballado are getting scarce in this country. Something bad seems to happen to his best sons (Saint Liam, Sunriver, etc.).

    Good luck to you and to Dyna King.

    Take care.

  44. This is off topic, but it's the same female family so, I thought I would share that there is a yearling colt in the Fasig Tipton Saratoga sale in September, Hip 160 that is a bay colt by Hard Spun (who I love), but more interesting and to the point is the dam is La Ville Rouge's full sister. He should be one to watch anyway.

  45. @dearnhardtrlz3: Not off topic at all! A baby out of a full sis to LVR is Family in my book!
    @All: I've been spending a lot of time on - a very active-posting group. But more importantly, an unfolding story of the efforts to exhume the great racehorse Noor from a soon-to-become-business-park grave in Grass Valley, CA to a proper resting spot at Old Friends. Quickest way to catch up on this story is to see Steve Haskin's blog of two days ago in Blood Horse.
    @All: Several of us Zenny fans are getting together at the Hollywood Gold Cup on 7/9. If you plan to be in the neighborhood and want to meet up with the gang, email me at for details - or post here if the email address gets deleted.
    @All: Any news on works and upcoming races for all three boyz? I'm a bit out of the loop at the moment.
    Happy Fourth of July! diastu in tempe

  46. Diastu: Also entered on the 9th of July at Hollywood Park is none other than Eric The Ram. ETR is entered in the 3rd race, a MSW race with a purse of $55,000. His rider is listed as Christian Santiago Reyes, who has ridden ETR before, and his trainer is Ruben Cardenas.

    Maybe this will be the time for Eric The Ram. I know that he will give it his all, as he always does.

    Anyway, good luck Eric.

    Fan of Holy Ground.

  47. I know that I said on a previous post that Eric The Ram should go to different tracks where the competition is not so intense to break his maiden. I was wrong. I believe that ETR is on the right track (in more ways than one).

    Eric has been competitive in most of his races, especially since racing in turf races. He has not been finishing up the track in these maiden races. I think that now that Eric The Red is known to be a grass horse, he will win a MSW race at Hollywood Park, Santa Anita, Del Mar, or anywhere else. It is just a matter of time and racing luck. It could be tomorrow.

    Anyway, go Eric.

    Fan of Holy Ground.

  48. Not a good race for Eric The Ram today, with ETR finishing back in the pack, but still only 6 1/4 lengths behind the winner. ETR hadn't raced since May, so maybe he needed a race to get him in better condition, as he tired in today's race.

    I give his connections credit for not putting him in a claiming race, and I hope that they never do. As it is, Eric is racing against some very fast horses at Hollywood Park and Santa Anita (a horse named Hooray For Hollywood won one of ETR's races with a time of slightly over 1 minute and 2 seconds for 5.5 furlongs, flirting with the track record).

    I think that Eric The Ram is a pretty fast horse himself, even if he hasn't a win to show for it. I hope that he continues to race in MSW races, if not at Hollywood Park, Santa Anita, or Del Mar, then at another track where it would be much easier to win.

    I am looking forward to Eric's next race. I am sure that he will win one eventually.

    Fan of Holy Ground.

  49. BTW, Boltzapper and Eric The Ram are not the only horses to make it to the racetrack for Holy Ground. Some other 3 year olds by Holy Ground have raced and some have won races. Boltzapper is the only 2 year old, so far, to make it to the racetrack, as far as I know.

    Boltzapper and Eric The Ram are the best racehorses to be sired by Holy Ground as of now, and I think that it is surprising that Holy Gound could sire a couple of horses like that, considering the very limited breeding opportunities given to Holy Ground.

    Meanwhile, I can't wait to see when and where Boltzapper will be racing next, and what kind of race it will be. It should be soon.

    Fan of Holy Ground.

  50. @Fan of Holy Ground: Amazingly I was at Hollywood Park on 7/9 for a Zenyatta gathering and stood 10 feet from ETR in the paddock. He is a nice horse and I hope his connections don't give up on him. He broke well, led for a decent part of the race, but faded to 10th of 11 horses.
    Please tell me who the other HG racers have been - more importantly, how the heck can I get the same info? I'm a novice getting this stuff off the web.
    @Greg Jones: Are you okay? Anything any of us can do to help out here? Have you just burned out on doing the blog thing? We'd understand, but maybe someone here can take up the slack to help you out?
    @Judy at Heart: I owe you a call to check up on Dyna King and the hay situation. In the mean time, you are in my thoughts always.

  51. Diastu: How nice it must have been to see Eric The Ram up close like that. I have only seen him in some of his races on the Bloodhorse website. I was impressed with ETR's speed in some of those races.

    As far as I know, all of Holy Grounds racers are 3 year olds, other than Boltzapper. One son named Lucky Chance has won a couple of races at Indiana Downs. A couple of other sons named Indian Appeal and He's On The Hunt have also raced. Pedigree Query says that HG has a daughter named Pardon My Dust that has won a race, but I am not sure that PMD is really a daughter of Holy Ground. Equibase has a 3 year old filly with that name, but she is by Graeme Hall.

    I get some of this info on

    Anyway, hope this helps.

    Fan of Holy Ground.

  52. @Fan of Holy Ground: Thanks for the reference! Now then - he's had so few offspring - but those that race win. This guy needs a better chance at stud than he is getting! Come on lottery ticket! I'd bring him home in a heartbeat, then hit the sales to snag a couple of quality broodmares to mate with him. Oh, I dream still.
    diastu in tempe

  53. Diastu: That has long been one of my fantasies, to have plenty of money, own a horse farm, and pick out my own stallions and broodmares and breed to race. The first stallion that I would try to get would be Holy Ground. Then I would try to get some good broodmares with female lines of stakes winners and producers (remember, in my fantasies I have plenty of money).

    I understand that the Bold Ruler line nicks well with the Hail To Reason line, so I would try to get broodmares that have sires like A.P. Indy, Seattle Slew, etc. (it is fun to fantasize isn't it) to breed to Holy Ground.

    Anyway, I hope one of us wins the big lottery one of these days.

    Fan of Holy Ground

  54. A wee bit off subject perhaps, but just wanted to congratulate Blue Bunting (daughter of Dynaformer) for her win the the Irish Oaks. WTGGGGG!!!!

  55. Zowie starr: Dynaformer really has been a wonderful sire. I hope that he has a few more good crops left in him.

    Diastu and anyone that may be interested: I noticed that when The Factor won his maiden race, a race that included Eric The Ram, he broke the track record with a time that was under 1 minute and 7 seconds for 6 furlongs. He must have been flying. I mentioned before that Hooray For Hollywood won another of ETR's races with a time of just over one muinute and 2 secons for 5.5 furlongs. I think that Secretariat would have had trouble winning in races like that.

    Just an example of why it is so hard to win a maiden race in those MSW races at Hollywood Park and Santa Anita. It is very difficult.

    BTW, in a couple of days the Del Mar meet starts. Maybe we will see Eric The Ram race there. We shall see.

    Fan of Holy Ground.

  56. Lentenor is racing Sunday at Parx in race 8!! By the way, I haven't posted before but I'm always reading comments ;) anyone have an idea when margano will be starting? I have a feeling he's gonna be the best of the Barbaro bros thus far

  57. Yes, I saw that Lentenor was racing. An allowance race. I hope that he wins, but I would really like to see Lentenor or Nicanor win a stakes race. That would make them more likely to have a better chance as stallions later on. I am sure that they will both go to stud, but I would like to see them get good books of mares when they do.

    Hope that you are right about Margano.

    Fan of Holy Ground.

  58. Well, he's been off since last fall, and although he went 4th in the Florida Derby last spring, he didn't do great last fall, so I think an allowance is right to start him back in, if nothing else as a confidence booster, they've both lost so many they probably don't have much confidence, I would love to see Nick and Len face each other, that would be cool ;)

  59. Oh, call me Jiminy Cricket. I'm using a Droid so my writing isn't the best.:)
    Jiminy Cricket

  60. Wish Lentenor well in his race tomorrow. I hope TVG will carry it so I can watch. It will be sooo great to see him back on the track.

    Dr.Dean Richardson has Nicanor on a long rest so we won't see him anytime soon. Just hope he was tired and nothing else wrong. This was per Mrs Jackson.

    I know this isn't Margano's site but he now has 2 gate works so we might just see him race in the near future. Can't believe he's grown up soo quickly.

    Good luck Lenny...may you fly down the track and come home safely.

    Lou in TX

    Please don't forget to post on the Barbaro Family site. Would hate to see it fade away.

  61. Since Lentenor hasn't raced since last fall, then an allowance race is probably a good place to start his 2011 campaign. Wish for Lentenor every success in the allowance race and for the rest of his races this year.

    Fan of Holy Grouind.

  62. Looking forward to Lentenor's race!

    Nicanor is on a long rest? I wonder why? And how long? Hope he'll be okay, and we'll see him back to racing and winning.

    Anybody hear from Greg? He seems to have dissapeared?


  63. Arem....Dr Dean Richardson said about 3 months. I think I read that. Anyway , he has not had a good time off for a long time and he just needed some good rest.

    If you'll look back to July 26th posts you'll see Greg did post. Hopefully he'll post after Lentenor's race tomorrow, along with pics since he's going to be there.

    Lou in TX

  64. Thanks Lou in TX. :)


  65. @All: Well by now you all know that Lenny won! Perplexing is a comment on the July 30 Post from Greg that he had a shoulder injury. Now the news that Nic is on "long lay up" - why? He was NOT heavily raced. I wish the best for both, but would appreciate less cloak and dagger.
    @Margano has a FaceBook page! (I'm not on FB so haven't explored.) And he is at Saratoga with Barclay Tagg - is this a sign that a 2YO start is possible? I think he will be a rock star. News of Babynor (nearing weaning) and LVR's pregnancy to Daddyformer would be great news.

  66. I miss this BLOG being on Bloodhorse. It's hard to remember to come here

    Linda / Maryland

  67. distu...Margano has been working steadly with Tagg, even had two gate works , so we might be seeing him very soon. I know any news about Babynor 2 and LVR would be greatly appreciated. But, it seems our information on them has been cut drastically. Guess that's the way the Jackson's want it. I'm having withdrawal pains!
    News on Nicanor has been sparce also. Have no idea if he is hurt or just needed a real vacation. Whatever, Dr Richardson knows best. Glad the Jackson's take such great care of their horses.

    Lou in TX

  68. Maybe it's time to call it a day for Nicanor. He is 5 years old now, and maybe someone should be thinking of a stud career for him. I think that Nicky would be much safer at stud than to just keep on racing. Besides, Nicanor has had plenty of races.

    Nicanor has won a few races and is stakes placed, so I think that he has accomplished enough to be a stallion, and that combined with being a full brother to Barbaro should get him booked to some mares. JMO.

    Fan of Holy Ground

  69. Boltzapper in entered in a stakes race Saturday. It's the Florida Stallion Stakes-Dr Fager Stakes. Race 12 at Calder Race Course. We finally get a chance to see Boltzapper in stakes company. I think that he can handle it.

    The good news is that I think that I can see it at the OTB. If not, I will watch it on the Bloodhorse website. I think that the race is 5 1/2 furlongs. Purse is $75,000.

    Fan of Holy Ground.

  70. That race, The Florida Stallion Dr. Fager Stakes is 6 furlongs, not 5 1/2 Furlongs as previously stated. All I can say is: Go Boltzapper.

    I don't know if we will see Eric The Ram race until after the Santa Anita meet starts. Maybe we will see him at Del Mar, but I have a feeling that we won't.

    Maybe ETR can use a rest anyway.

    Fan of Holy Ground.

  71. Dear Fan of Holy Ground, (10:38 AM. You state "I think that he has accomplished enough to be a stallion"
    When you mention stakes place, you fail to mention that one was a $100k stakes where he finished 3rd of 4, beating a decent, but not great horse. His other stakes race was a $60k where he was 3rd of 7, and again, no horse worthy of bragging about having beaten. Go to Equi and check out the competition he has been up against. Some worthy horses, but none that would end up in the stallion under "who he beat".

    In these days of proven stallions commanding less, I don't know where Nicanor would stand. Perhaps he carries some good genes, but it's a crapshoot at best.

    If sound, he should stay running. He has many fans.

    Just my honest thoughts.

    Fan of Horses

  72. Correction none that would end up in the stallion REGISTER under "who he beat".

  73. Fan of Horses: I respect your opinion, and you make some good points. However, I don't expect Nicanor to command a huge stud fee. I would like to see him in a safe place, and the racetrack is not necessarily that.

    Nicanor has had plenty of races now, and I think that we have a pretty good idea of what he can do. By racing some more, Nicanor may win some more money, but he could also get hurt.

    I have noticed that there are a lot of stallions around that have done less at the racetrack than Nicanor. Some haven't even won a race.

    Anyway, here is one vote for retirement to stud for Nicanor. I expect some, or maybe many, people will have different opinions.

    Fan of Holy Ground.

  74. Boltzapper finished 4th as the odds on favorite in his stakes race at Calder today. Boltzapper looked like he was in pretty good position, but faded toward the end. The track was sloppy and maybe Boltzapper didn't like the slop. A little disappointing, but there should be other stakes races for Boltzapper. Just stay healthy.

    Fan of Holy Ground.

  75. (Lenny's racing on the 23rd!)
    Oh, Lentenor, do your best. And please, finsih on four good legs, first or last. Good luck, my friend. I am sure that Mr. Matz will be cheering for you too. Don't forget him. He trained you, Barbaro, and Nicanor for a while. He's still a part of the family. I was wondering if you'd be running, but I thought it'd be a bit later. Say hello to Roddickton, who is your nephew or something like that, I think. Anyway, good luck, run safe, and the more important, finish the race on for strong and sound legs. Be careful on that shoulder. We don't want another injury. Oh, by the way, my horse is your second cousin. He raced under American Quail, hence my name on this site. He's my best friend.
    From American Quail Lover.

  76. Watching Lentenor's reaction when being saddled up and reading Leigh's comments in that recent article, about how he is nervous -- it is no surprise that he reacts as he does when on the track and something interferes with him there. He is a high strung, sensitive thoroughbred horse.

  77. I hear Lentenor has been retired from racing as of Oct. 4th 2012. Is this true and what are plans for him? And BTW what is the story on Nicanor?

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  119. I was writing on this thread a couple of years ago, talking about a colt named Boltzapper and his sire, Holy Ground (1/2 brother to Barbaro, Nicanor, etc.). I was waiting on Boltzapper to have another race after finishing 4th in a stakes race for 2 year old colts (and maybe fillies). Boltzapper has not raced since.

    Anyone know what happened to Boltzapper? I assume that he was injured during or sometime after his last race. He would be 5 years old now, if he is still alive.

    Fan of Holy Ground.