Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Visit to Dyna King / “Gifted”

Heart of Tucson Rescue
April 9, 2011
Mike Relva and Diana Stuart
(All photos provided by Diana Stuart)

On an uncharacteristically cold and rainy April day, Family of Barbaro Blog members Mike Relva (Tennessee) and Diana Stuart (Arizona) had the honor and pleasure of visiting Heart of Tucson Rescue to get up close and personal with Dyna King (“Gifted”) and the “heart of Heart” Judy Glore and her husband Mark. What an amazing visit! Judy and Mark graciously introduced us to Dyna King and most of the other rescue horses on the property. Some had wonderful stories. Some had tragic stories. Some stories remain unfinished. But all the stories of all these animals point to one Big Thing: Every living creature deserves a second chance at a quality life and the care of loving hands!

We brought carrots, peppermints, alfalfa pellets, supplements, and money. But we took away something far more valuable - a deep seated respect for what Heart does, how they do it, and the incredible results they are able to achieve on a virtual shoestring. We became part of the family. And of course, we nuzzled, kissed, petted, and loved on Dyna King, son of Dynaformer, genetic half brother to Barbaro, and the unwitting emergent poster child for the critical needs of horse rescues throughout the equine world!

In spite of the showers and muddy ground, Dyna King was friendly and frisky, doing a “happy dance” with his hind legs as he trotted around his covered paddock. Tendons and muscles still healing and strengthening from his abuse and neglect, his “happy dance” was unthinkable even two months ago. His shovel-shaped hooves of four months ago look mostly normal now thanks to little nips and tucks and tweaks almost daily. The x-rays of his fetlocks and foot structure show almost dramatic improvement. His coat and body condition don’t even come close to the skeleton with fur we all saw in early photos. He has put on a lot of weight and his coat is sleek and smooth to the touch.

Dyna King is a happy horse; a happy-to-be-alive horse; and most importantly, a horse that tells you when he looks at you that he is not done fighting yet. Not even close. Some may say he is unlucky, but I say he is one of the luckiest horses in the world. Fate dropped him into the perfect helping hands at just the perfect moment. He is alive! He is thriving! And if his body English and behavior can be believed, Dyna King is clearly bent on proving the naysayers wrong and living up to his nickname: Gifted!

Dyna King & Judy
"Hi Big Guy"

Dyna King & Judy Having a Chat

A Sweet Moment. 
It is not hard to see the love and trust between Dyna King and Judy.

Judy Whispers to Dyna King

Diana Stuart Meets Dyna King

In the Presence of Royalty?  Dyna King & Diana

Diana Watching Dyna King Eat

Dyna King Finishing Off His Bucket

A Kiss for a King,  Dyna King & Diana

Mike Relva Meets Dyna King

Dyna King Nuzzles Mike

Where's My Carrot Mike?

A Beautiful Face and a Happy Story
Mike and Judy with a 27-year old Quarter Horse rescue
 who gives horsemanship lessons to small children---and timid
adults maybe?

Sadie Wants Some Love Too!
This sweet Percheron mare was rescued from a PMU operation and after
further traumas along the way, given a well deserved retirement
at HEART of Tucson.

Hitting Cinco's Sweet Spot
Judy foaled out this stunning paint.  He was born at
5:55 AM on 5-5-2005!

Here are some more photos of Dyna King and
HEART of Tucson's newest member,
little eight week old Geevers !
(Photos taken by Mia Larocque)

Little Geevers
"The Introduction"

Geevers Learning to Walk the Horses !

Well done little Geevers !

Dyna King Proudly Wearing His New Blanket !
Joining the Dance once again :)

Dyna King !!!

A Huge Thank You to Diana, Mike, Judy, and All the Amazing Volunteers
at HEART of Tucson.

Dyna King has come so far in such a short time, but, he still has a long way to go.
With his incredible will to live,  the loving care he receives every day, and
with the help of everyone that has donated and continues to do so,
I just know he will make it!

Here is a link to HEART of Tucson's website,
You can help Dyna King/Gifted by donating in the left margin,  
any amount would help in his continuing care.

HEART of Tucson Website

 Dyna King has touched my heart more then
you know, and everyone that has helped in his cause, Thank You !!!

*For those not familiar with Dyna King's story,
here is a how he found Judy and his new lease
on life:

"In the Spirit of Christmas"


  1. Thank you Diana and Mike for such beautiful photos of Dyna King and Heart of Tucson.

  2. The photos are fantastic and Gifted looks absolutely fantastic. He has the will of his Dad and know that he Will make it all the way back to having a great future and hopefully someday be ale to go back to his roots in KY. Please all DynaKing has candles under DYNAK so please lite one for our big guy to help in his recovery.

  3. I'm thrilled to see such gorgeous photos of Dyna King/Gifted. Thank you Heart of Tucson for saving his life. He looks so happy to be alive! Dyna King and all your horses are so very lucky to be at Heart of Tucson. You are true horse heroes!

  4. Such beautiful pictures of Dyna King/Gifted. He looks so happy. Thanks also for other pictures of rescued horses. You guys at Heart of Tucson do such a wonderful job! Thank you!

  5. Tears are flowing again, but this time tears of joy. Thank you so much for posting these pictures of DK/Gifted and so many others that are fortunate to be at HEART. You can feel the love and hope emanating from these pictures. So happy that Mike and Diane were able to visit and bring all the love and good wishes from DK/Gifted's fan club.

  6. Mike and Diana

    Thank you soo much for the wonderful pictures. He is looking soo good.

    Thank you everyone at Heart for taking on Dyna KIng and making him a healthy and happy horse. The work you do for these beautiful creatures is amazing.

    Your Friends of Barbaro will be forever in your debt for what you do and hopefully with our donations, can continue your very important work.

    Lou in TX

  7. Mike and Diana - thank you! The pics are amazing - he is SOOOO handsome. So glad you two got to spend some time with him and give us a full report. Judy ROCKS!


  8. These pictures are awesome. The first one of Dyna King posing with Diana is picture perfect. This fellow seems to know when the camera is on him. I love the pictures of the other horses also. Is Sadie the one that Judy talked about being Dyna King's girlfriend? Little Geevers is going to be great with the horses, he is soooo cute. You can see the trust these horses have in Judy. All I can say is "WOW". Mike and Diana, job well done and thank both of you for sharing.

  9. I would like to light a candl, Where do u do that at. Jackie

  10. Hi you guys, We had so much fun with the visit with Mike, and Diana. I think Gifted does know when there is a camera, lol. I just laughed so hard when I saw the picture of Gifted checking Mikes pocket for carrots. And the kiss between Diana, and him is wonderful. Penny, yes that is a picture of Sadie, his big girlfriend. They are in love. Sorry I haven't been on, We have been so busy here. We will be taking lots of photos this Sunday when he gets his new Steward clogs on so that you can see the process with us. We hope everyone is doing well, and I will check back in soon. Thank you Mike, and Diana for the wonderful visit. It was so much fun !!!

  11. Wow! Dyna King/Gifted is one beautiful guy! He has the sweetest face and seems to have such a kind disposition in spite of everything he went through. It is wonderful that Mike and Diana were able to make the trip there to meet him and the rest of the beautiful horses. (And precious little Geevers) Thank you so much for sharing this with us, Greg! Wonderful!

  12. Thanks Diana and Mike for the beautiful pics of our DynaKing. What a miraculous and amazing turn around in just a short amount of time! He's beautiful (reminds me so much of Barbaro), and that Dynaformer spirit is definitely shining thru. It's incredible what good loving and tender care can do! Judy, you rock and the heart work you do is stuff of dreams, and little Geevers is so precious! Tell everyone at Heart that we really appreciate what they do for the horses and as the Queen Z would say, 'Too Cute'!
    I'm sending Hugs and Peppermint Kisses to you all.

  13. Dyna King looks G R E A T ! keep up the good work hopefully he live a long and happy life. thanks Bob ( NJ )

  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTRbDxgiZOE&feature=related

    If you haven't had a chance to see this video here is the link. Enjoy !!!! thank you Greg Ambrose for donating this to HEART.

  15. Another short video of him up close and personal, lol.


  16. Bonjour Dyna King,

    Oh how you look very much like Barbaro except for the missing white spot that Barbaro has!

    I am so happy to see you doing much better. I
    strongly believe that you will make it.

    Those photos are gorgeous, and I will get some colored ink this weekend and make copies of them.

    God love you, Dyna King! You are well taken care of and are in good hands.

    I am so sorry that you were neglected and abused. This should never happen to anyone.

    Lots of love,

    Lise from Maine

  17. Mike and Diana: What is the significance of the "Join in the Dance" blanket?
    Beautiful pictures. Thanks for posting. I love Gifted and Heart of Tucson.

  18. Ivy,

    Being a collector of horse racing memorabilia, I had that "Join in the Dance" blanket in my collection. I thought the blanket would look great on Dyna King and the name was very fitting. Dyna King is back "joining the dance", so, I sent it to Judy and HEART for Dyna King to wear proudly :)

  19. There is a great video of Judy's son on Heart. His recovery has been remarkable also. So glad to see him doing well.

  20. Greg he looks so good in that blanket you gave him. Thank you so much for that, and everything else you have done for him. Do you know how to post the latest video of him here? I don't, but he is just unreal. What a spirit he has.

  21. Judy,

    Your quite welcome :)

    As far as the video, here is the link.

    Dyna King looks amazing, it is beyond incredible how far he has come in such a short time!!!

    Dyna King feeling GOOD!!!!!!!

  22. Greg: Thank you for explaining the significance of the "Join in the Dance" blanket. Dyna King sure looks beautiful in it - as if it was meant for him.
    He is such a regal horse.

  23. Judy, Greg J, Greg A, Mike R - Finally got to see the flip book and all the videos just before my trip to Hawaii. Beautiful to see DK doing so well, kicking up his heals, rearing up. YAY! Take that, naysayers! We all know he will never be totally problem free, but I am so happy he is alive, and knows it. Heck, my knees are shot - should I be put down? (Don't answer that!) I just take my Aleve, and know a bionic set of knees awaits me in the not too distant future. I plan to keep kickin' for a very long time and know that Gifted will be keeping that life candle glowing for all who follow. Thank you Heart!

  24. Happy Birthday to Cinco - Judy's fabulously beautiful paint. A margarita today in your honor. diastu

  25. I really enjoy coming back and looking at these pictures, especially after a long, hard day at work. Thanks, MIke and Diane!

  26. I am a volenteer at heart of tucon, and the amout of respect they give all horses is amazing. I truly thank them for the help they give them.

  27. For anyone who checks in here after today, please go to Heart's web page. They have a temporary but critical need for money to buy hay for the horses, including Dyna King. Their hay prices shot up by more than double this past month and it really put a crimp in their funding. I think you can donate via PayPal, which is a fast way to help out even if it's just a couple of bucks. For all who can and are willing, thank you so very much! diastu in tempe (Diana Stuart)

  28. A GREAT article about Dyna King and we FOBs! Enjoy!!


    All credit to Rose Jean/Ragsy who found it and posted it on Facebook.