Monday, August 1, 2011

Lentenor Makes a Victorious Return!

After nearly ten months since his last race, being transeferred to a new trainer, racing at a track he had never been at,  racing in temperatures over ninety degrees, Lentenor overcame all of this and ran a great race and made his second trip to the winner's circle in nine starts!  When Lentenor is healthy, the sky is the limit in what he can accomplish on the track, IMHO.

I will add more tonight, but, I just wanted to post my photos and video first.

It really was a wonderful, exciting day!  It was great meeting up with everyone at PARX!

Happy for all involved in this victory for Lentenor!

To everyone in the Michael Matz barn, Leigh Delacour's barn, Roy and Gretchen Jackson, jockey Kendrick Carmouche, and of course, Lentenor, all of you should celebrate in Lentenor's victory!

First, here is a link to the replay on Bloodhorse:

Second, here is a link to my friend Elaine's photos.  With her amazing eye and powerful camera, she truly captures the brilliant Lentenor!  Thank you Elaine :)

Video of Lentenor in the Paddock at PARX Racetrack, July 31, 2011

Photos of Lentenor before and after his victory!



















Godspeed Lentenor...


  1. In the last photo, He's saying, "I winned!." Bless the Boy! Your FOB Fren, O

  2. Greg...thanks for the wonderful post. Love all the beautiful pictures of Lentenor. Sooo glad the Jacksons were there. What a wonderful way to start a comeback after his vacation.

    Lou in TX

  3. This beloved, beautiful boy has completely enchanted this fan! He is big, elegant, and powerful, and soooo sweet looking. LOVE YOU LENTENOR!

  4. Congratulations to our beloved Lentenor, the Jacksons, the Delacours and of course to the rest of Barbaro's family. They all won yesterday. Michael Matz is very proud right now. Lentenor was majestic. It looks like he likes to save all he has until the end and then explode to the finish line. He just hung back and let the other horses go then caught up with them and passed them. The long vacation did him some good. I'm now waiting for Nicanor and Margano to run. It. was so good to see the Jacksons again. They truely care about their horses.

    Chris K

  5. Maybe Lentenor had some lessons from The famous Zenyatta That sound like what she would do. Good Job Lentenor

  6. He looks really good.

    I am confused about the comments from people about his and Nicanor's health: were one or both ill or injured?

    Also - Margano looks good too. Very different in type from his brothers, I think.

  7. sumik...All we know is that Dr. Richardson has put Nicanor on rest ( I think I read 3 months) may be wrong about that. Ms. Jackson has said nothing about him being injuried but then again we didn't know that Lentenor had injured his shoulder when he was sent to the Stephens for a vacation. Sooo who knows. We don't have our little bird to to give us info anymore since he's not in the MM barn. Kind of frustrating isn't it. Maybe someone knows more and can post.

    Could I ask a favor...there are alot of anonymous's on this site. Could you please put your name at the bottom of your posts. I forget sometimes but if you've been on this site before, it would be good to know who you are blogging with again. Just a suggestion. Thanks

    Lou in TX

  8. Congratulations Lentenor. I am so happy for you. Keep up the great work and I'll be watching the next time you race, just as I was yesterday via Parx live feed.

  9. Congratulations, Lentenor. You reminded me of Zenyatta in the 2009 Classic, charging to catch the leaders at the end and then winning. I was concerned when you were sweating in the post parade, but I guess it was from the heat. I was unable to attend the race live, my friend, but I am just as proud of you as I always have. My own horse, your much older cousin, wants you to know that you did a wonderful job as well.

  10. Gosh, he's so beautifully proportioned! Blessings!

  11. Congratulations Lenny and to all your connections. You look wonderful and what a good performance. Hope to see you in person soon. Enjoy all your treats at the barn. You deserve everyone of them. Tell Nicanor we miss him too.

  12. Lentenor, I'm so proud of you... May God Keep you and your family, safe and sound!

  13. Love the pictures, some of them Lentenor almost looks like a statue. He is a beautiful horse. Change can sometimes be good and it looks like it agrees with him. I notice everyone around him seems to be very taken with him. So glad he is healthy and what a win!!

  14. I was thrilled to see him starting in another race, and while I also could not be there to see him in person and join his cheerleader crowd Godspeed and good health Lentanor, and may you have a blessed season this year and next. Hopefully soon the three brothers will all be running and showing the world just how powerful they really are!

  15. Well first off, I'm praying that Nicanor will recover from whatever is ailing him. If Dr Richardson put him on rest then I trust him completely. I too am so glad the Jacksons were there. Thank you Greg and Elane for all the pics and video. Lentenor is absolutely stunning... I believe the best is truly yet to come for this young man.

    Joy in Texas

  16. Thanks Greg for the update!!! I am so happy for Lentenor to get another win and all the photos are just the icing on the cake. Beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing them with us.

  17. Greg...I have tried to print your articles and pics for my scrapebooks but they don't print. Is that because you have some kind of control over that? Just wondering. Would really like to have copies for the scrapebook.

    Lou in TX

  18. Finally found the pics and videos from Sunday. I was searching in the wrong place. When I figure this thing out, I'll sign my name but for now it will have to be anonymous with Fan in MD at the end. (Sorry Lou in TX) Some observations: Len is racing with a D ring snaffle. I've mostly seen these in the show ring. Most others use another type of snaffle bit. No rear bandages this time. Those amazing pics from Elaine really show Lentenor's grit. His ears are almost flat back near the end. Maybe a little Dyna Daddy in his personality. Thanks to all for your videos, pics, and comments. I have visited this blog every day and before when Blood Horse had it. I really enjoy reading the comments. FYI- check out Barclay Tagg's website. Go under races and entries on the left side. It will list his entries through Bris Watch for upcoming entries. If Margano is entered his name will appear. He is not one of the photos on the website as of yet, but Lael has another colt there named Big Herman. He is a handsome colt by Indian Charlie. They also have a filly named Parting Words. If you have visited this site before, I apologize for rambling on about it. Keep up the good work Greg. Fan in MD

  19. I saw that Margano had another workout today at Saratoga. Hopefully it won't be long and we can be oohing and ahhing over his debut. Lentenor was spectacular as were the photos. It looked like this new jockey didn't even use the whip and just let him go. GOOD! It looked like a very smooth ride.

  20. Lentenor was so impressive. I noticed that he was running in a Dee Ring Snaffle bit which you don't see often in racing, more in the show ring. Also there were no rear bandages. Elaine's photos showed his ears laid back as he was passing the last horse. Perhaps he has a little bit of Dyna Dad in his personality. Ha Ha. BTW, Lael has some nice horses with Barclay Tagg that are doing well. I really like the looks of the colt, Big Herman. He is an Indian Charlie colt. Whomever is reporting Margano's works, can you tell me where to go to follow the workouts. Thanks so much. I really enjoy reading all the comments. I've followed this blog since Blood Horse had it. Thanks Greg for continuing on.

  21. Fan in MD, most of us get our information regarding workouts from Equibase's Virtual Stable, which is really easy to set up. We have all the horses we are interested in in there, and their workouts and race notifications and results are emailed to us regularly. Check it out! Equibase will walk you through setting it up.

  22. Thank you so much for sharing your video and pictures. Lentenor is simply gorgeous and he looked great!

    He showed so much promise in Florida last spring in that close allowance race against Doubles Partner (who went on to be a stakes winner) and in the Florida Derby. And then he seemed to fall off his form - and the shoulder injury would sure explain that.

    Hopefully now that he is healthy and fit - and with this good win under his belt to build his confidence and show him racing can be fun - he can start living up to that wonderful potential he showed last year!

    Rooting for him irregardless!

  23. Bonjour Lentenor,

    So happy to hear that you have come back and won your first race since returning to the race track.

    Congratulations, Lentenor!

    I hope that Nicanor is all right. Has anyone heard how he is doing?

    The photos are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing them with your audience.

    Love to you, Lentenor, plus Nicanor, Margano and the new baby.

    I am eager to see Margano race.

    Lise from Maine

  24. Hi!

    Forgot to mention that the videosj of Lentenor are very much appreciated.

    I love to watch them several times each.

    Thank you so much for sharing them with Lentenor's fans.

    Lise from Maine

  25. FYI....Alex Brown wrote that Mr. Jackson said Margano will likely race in the fall Belmont meet.

    Lou in TX

  26. I'm a little confused and am hoping someone can help me. Yet again I watched the video of Lentenor's win. Toward the end when he was in the Winner' Circle the announcer said Leigh Delacour was riding "double" for Kevin Carmouche. OK then who was riding who? It certainly looked like Kevin when Lenny was galloping out after the race. Could someone please explain.

  27. Hi!

    Great to hear that Margano may be racing in the autumn season at Belmont.

    I am eager to watch him race.

    I am hoping for a Kentucky Derby win in 2012. Wishful thinking but I can still hope.

    Good luck, Margano!

    Get all the training that you can get.

    Practice! Practice! Practice!

    Love to you, Margano!

    Lise from Maine

  28. Zowie, I heard that, as well, and did not understand it Can anyone enlighten us?

    Marigold aka Cal Gal

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  30. When the announcer said "riding double" they were referring to the fact that the win on Lentenor was Kendrick's second win of the day at Parx. I didn't go back and listen to how it was said exactly, but that is what they was definitely Kendrick on Lentenor and not Leigh :)

  31. Sorry--had to delete one duplicate post because my computer locked....

  32. Kindo of OT, but...

    There is a new picture of Margano up on Tagg's website. :)


  33. Hi!

    I watched once again Lentenor's race on July 31st at Parx.

    For some reason, I can't get enough of him.

    Good luck, Lentenor, on your next race.

    Go slow and progress as you go along.

    Love to you, Lentenor.

    Lise from Maine

  34. Lentenor breezed today!!!! Four furlongs in 48:60. Was 2/14. GO LENTENOR!!!!

    Lou in TX

  35. Amazing race Lentenor ran, very impressed! Love seeing the new photos, and the new one of Margano on Tagg's website, thank you for sharing! To me he looks the most like Barbaro in that picture.

    On a side note, some good and very exciting news for Michael Matz. His 2 year old Union Rags sounds like he could be the next super horse. I really did get goose bumps reading about him.


  36. I've had Union Rags in my virtual stable since IEAH bought him initially as a yearling. He is a stunning looking horse and I've always loved Dixie Unions. I posted on this blog last week about Union Rag's potential and the Street Cry filly, And Why Not who's next start should be the Spinaway. Michael has a lot of talented horses in his barn, just no more brothers. Union Rag's made Matz look really good with that 7.5 length romp in the mud yesterday. I will be watching this colt closely, He sure looks like a classic horse and I would not be surprised to see him in the Breeders Cup Juvenile in Novemeber.

  37. PS...Javier Castellano said that Union Rag's is a better horse then Bernardini and Ghostzapper. WoW...that's pretty damn impressive. Quote,

    "When I showed up and worked the horse (Union Rags) in the morning, it was unbelievable. I’ve never worked a horse like that and I’ve been very fortunate to ride horses like Ghostzapper and Bernardini. I’ve been a very lucky, fortunate guy, but this horse is unbelievable and special.”

    Criminal Type

  38. Margano worked at Saratoga this morning. He went four furlongs in 48.46. He was second fastest at that distance, behind another Leal horse, Kindergarden Kid. Good Job ! There is an article in the DRF about Matz's juveniles. He has a couple others that are good ones besides the ones I mentioned in previous post. Sadly, in the article he admits that he was fired by the Jacksons.

  39. I have a 5 year old TB/Morgan/QH gelding that got a nail in his foot from tornado debri. He had to go to the vets. He had been lame for 2 months previous with an abcess in the same foot. The vet was starting to think that he would be able to come home soon, he's been there for around two weeks. Guess what? He stress foundered in his left foreleg(right foreleg was injured one), basically what happened to Barbaro. All I can say is that he has taken all this so courageously for as immature as he is, the vet found out he had floundered in that foot before and it hadn't been taken care of. We do believe he was abused 2 homes back. I use his name on here. Take leg injuries seriously, anytime your horse is bad lame, you've got to be careful for stress founder. My horse has put his brave face on, and is very weighs his head off every time he sees me. I just have to hope for the best.<3 hope the bros are doing well
    Jiminy Cricket

  40. Hi!

    I just read on that the Jacksons and Mr. Matz had parted their ways.

    According to the article, Mr. Matz was blindsided by the firing in July. The Jacksons
    claim that it was only a business decision.

    The bottomline in anything is that
    "performance" is the key to prevent oneself
    from getting fired.

    I can understand both sides.

    I see that Mr. Matz's horse "Union Rags" won by 7 and 1/2 lengths.

    Congratulations, Mr. Matz!

    I am eager to see Margano, Lentenor, and Nicanor race.

    Does anyone know when they will race?

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

  41. Lisa, Did you see Union Rags race? I was cheering so loud I scared the cat's. It was only his second start and he shyed in the stretch, from the tote board but then powered home. He has the potential to be a very special horse, not to mention a spectacular looking horse. I've always loved those bright bays with distictive white markings. He already has enough earnings to get a place in the Kentucky Derby gate thanks to the bonus he won in the Saratoga Special. I wish Matz the best, he is a hell of a horseman. I hope Union Rag's stays healty and wins everything they put him in.

    I have to say, I'm kinda ticked at the Jacksons, but as someone pointed out, performance is an issue, and Lentenor went out and won his first race with the new trainer. All be it at a substantial drop in class.

    I am really getting anxious about seeing Margano race, I thought it would be at the Saratoga meet but read Belmont fall meet. At least he is training well and looks gorgeous. Wouldn't it be something for Matz to end up in the Derby with Union Rags and Tagg to be there with Margano. They both know how to get a horse there that's for sure. Looking forward to seeing all of them running soon.

  42. Lentenor is entered tomorrow at Delaware Park in race #8, 1 mile on the turf and breaking from post position 1.
    Kendrick Carmouche has the mount.

    He will have a little tougher competition this time but I don't doubt he can handle that as well as last time out :-)